About Walters

Timeline & Accomplishments

  • 2017- Qualified for both nights at Volusia County Speedway Super DirtCar series first ever events

  • 2016- First Full Season Modifieds, Limited Big Block starts, NYSSCAA Newcomer/ Rookie of the Year Fonda Speedway

  • 2015- Open sportsman 2nd in points. NYSSCAA Performer of the year and 4 teature wins, 358 Modified Qualified for Outlaw 200 in 3rd start in modified over 60 cars

  • 2014- Open sportsman 2nd in points, NYSSCAA Performer of the Year, ROC Champion, 5 wins

  • 2013- Open and Crate Sportsman, 2nd in points and 2 teature wins

  • 2012- Open Sportsman, 3rd in points, Most Improved Driver with 3 feature wins

  • 2011- First Open Wheel car race-open sportsman 7th in points, first win in 6th start, 2 feature wins NYSSCAA Rookie of the Year

  • 2003-7 triple crowns in 16 and under division (age 8) 11 total wins

  • 2002-11 tnple crown wins, torced to move up due to dominating, won in 12 and under at age 7 17 total wins

  • 2001-10 tnple crown wins (win all 3 races for that night) 14 total wins