About Max

Max McLaughlin’s dream is to follow in his father’s footsteps and the talented teen is well on his way. His Dad, Mike “Magic Shoes” McLaughlin was not only a fan favorite in NASCAR but a talented racer in his own right. “Magic Shoes” won the 1988 NASCAR Modified National title and was elected into the DIRT Hall of Fame in 2013 for his skills as a dirt racer growing up in upstate New York.

In 2014 Max began racing in UMP Modified competition, full size cars racing on dirt ovals, producing over 700 horsepower. Needless to say going from a 450 pound kart to a 2450 pound full size race car was a challenge. He won his first career UMP modified event in March of 2015 and following that up with a King of the Carolinas championship at the Carolina Speedway in October.