I attended a race at the Carolina Speedway in March of 2015 and a young man named Max McLaughlin was being introduced to the crowd. I asked him if he was related to Mike McLaughlin and said that is my Dad. After the race which Max won his first career UMP Modified feature I met with Mike about working with Max.

We set a plan of working on public speaking, building his brand and seeing what direction Max might lean towards in his racing career.

Through a series of good fortune, my persistence, hard work and Max's talent he is now racing full-time in New York for Al Heinke and HBR racing in 70 races in 2016.

His public speaking and ability to interact with fans, car owners and other racers makes the 16-year old quite an amazing talent both on and off the track...but my favorite part is he calls me Agent Rolfe.

In 2017 we continue to work with Max on website and content and other special projects as needed. I am proud to be working with Max and his Dad, Mike McLaughlin.