Tristin Thomas

Since I was a kid racing has been what I am all about. My first memories were being at the race track watching my dad race and playing with my toy sprint car as if I was in the race too. If I wasn’t at the race track I was home glued to the TV watching racing. My parents bought me a 50cc quad for my 3rd birthday, and I was hooked. I practiced in our dirt oval driveway from 8 in the morning till 8 at night waiting for my first race to happen.

I was a little shaky but I felt like I was entering the Daytona 500. Filled with excitement after collecting my first trophy I never wanted to stop. About a year later we found a ¼ midget and ran at the Skagit Quarter Midget track where I learned the ropes of how a sprint car works. After feeling the car start up I had a smile from ear to ear and I felt right at home. For show and tell at school I would always bring in my trophy from that weekend or someone’s signature that I was amazed about.
As I started to quickly pick up speed I became very competitive. It was now all about winning and being at the top of the podium. Once I was lined up and given the one to go I was only focused on one thing, getting to the front and winning.

Looking back and having 15 years go by my drive and passion and love for the sport has only grown. If I’m not racing then I’m working on race cars to gain the knowledge and techniques I need to be successful and live my dream of being a professional racer.

I am often asked what is my most memorable moment in racing. One of my most memorable wins was in 2010. My father and I both won at the same track in different classes on championship night. We not only each won our feature event but we were also crowned the season champions in our respective classes. We became the first father-son duo to conquer this task. For this feat we were both inducted into Fox Sports Hall of Fame.

Another win for the memory books would have to be the 2016 Brownfield Classic. Fred Brownfield paved the way for dirt midget racing in the northwest back in 2004. He pioneered an economy class for people who couldn’t afford to run a full size midget. To win the Brownfield Classic in Fred’s memory was incredible. If it were not for his vision I might never been able to race a midget.